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TahoePix- Adventures in bike touring

The things you see bicycle touring.

This pic was taken in Polebridge, Montana (just outside Glacier National Park).  I love the sign that says, “Please keep your pet restrained.”  This big draft horse was running amok, and would head straight into the post office every time the door was opened.  The floorboards were bending under his weight.  Very friendly though; he wanted to be where the people were.

This was from an 800 mile self supported bike tour H and I did some years ago.  We flew into Spokane, did a big loop into British Columbia, down through Western Montana and back to Spokane.  I think I had my first digital camera then, a whopping 2.0 megapixel camera about the size of a brick.  I’ve wanted to blog about it, but the pictures are terrible by today’s standards.

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  1. Love the picture. How long did it take you guys to complete the 800 mile loop?


    • Thanks. I think we did the trip in about 12 days (including one or two days stopped in Glacier National Park to hike and ride the “Going to the Sun” road to the continental divide). I remember putting on a few 100 mile plus days in 100 degree heat (We also covered about 200 miles of dirt roads). Incidentally, I’m writing about a different bike tour we did years ago- From Salt Lake City, Utah to Albuquerque, NM (about 1200 miles with 200+ miles of dirt). We went through Bryce Canyon, and Southeast Utah, Southern Colorado, etc. Hope to have it posted next week. Need to scan a few more of our grainy old school film pics. I’ll get around to the Glacier/British Columbia tour later.


      • Can’t wait to read it. Since I’ve picked up the hobby of mountain bike riding it’s been a dream of doing some kind of long distance trip but between work, family and life I just haven’t been able to put it all together. I’m 47 now so I better get on the ball some day and make some time or time will make the decision for me. 😀


  2. Even a weekend trip can be great. Not every adventure has to be an epic. I’d highly recommend starting small, but challenging yourself. Looks like you already live in a beautiful area. We’ve done a couple trips where we’ve put our bikes on the bus and ridden 2-3 days to get back home. Alistair Humphreys has popularized the term “micro adventure,” and has great suggestions. Life and work tie us down a bit as well, but we still try to get out for backyard “micro adventures” as well.

    Incidentally, one of my good friends is riding cross country at 55, and I just gave directions to a guy bicycling the pacific coast just after he retired. You’ve got plenty of time. The biggest limiting factor is attitude.


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