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Aftermarket Seat Covers for your Sprinter Van

There aren’t many stock seat covers available for Sprinters.  Just not enough of a market I suppose.


CalTrend SportsTex on the passenger swivel seat.

After wading through the options, we chose CalTrend SportsTex seat covers.  CalTrend is a California company that makes made-to-order seat covers through their dealer network.  We ordered the seat covers through CarID.com and delivery took about 12 days (we ordered just before Christmas  so there were some holiday delays).  They measure seats for just every conceivable care and create a template.  The seat covers are sewn after your order is placed.

The seat covers  come as four parts: back, bottom, headrest, and arm rest.

[The seat covers didn’t come wrinkled.  I stuffed them in the overhead shelf for a few days prior to installation.  Wrinkles came right out on installation]


Installation of the seats took about 10 minutes per seat.  They are a tight fit with no loose fabric, so it does take some time to work the seat back cover into place.

I used my trusty Harbor Freight trim tool to stuff the strap down the side of the seats.  Took just a few seconds.

Initial Impressions

In general I hate writing reviews of products without an extensive test.  I’ve only had them installed for a week so far.

Overall I’m really happy with the seat covers.  At $159, there were the most expensive seat cover we’ve ever had.  They are nicely designed and appear to be well sewn.

Not visible in the photos is how thick the material is.  It definitely adds a bit of padding to the seats.  I’m particularly happy with the arm rest cover.  The arm rest is definitely more comfy with the cover.

The addition of the roomy rear pocket is definitely a plus!


I have only one suggestion for the seat covers-  The velcro strip on the seat back could be about 1/2″ longer.  It was a tight fit to get the velcro to close, and I wasn’t able to get the velcro completely overlapped.  It may settle into place and seal up completely with some use.  On the plus side, the seat cover is tight with no loose fabric.


(click for full sized pics)




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  1. How are your seat covers holding up? My van came with the leatherette seats and, while I think the leatherette parts will hold up pretty well for my use, the textured cloth they used for the center panels collects filth pretty easily and is likely to get stained before too long.


    • So far so good! But they’ve only been since January 1. I just installed Dorman seat heaters in both front seats as well. Rather than removing the seat and covers I just inserted the seat heaters into the seat covers (They have an adhesive back so it was simple to adhere them to the seat covers).


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