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TahoePix- The sunset you don’t want to see

Many avid outdoors people have had this experience at some point:  Watching the sunset when you are miles from your car and hours behind schedule.  Hurrying with every last bit of light, but knowing you will be trudging back in complete darkness. I snapped this sunset pic on the Pacific Crest Trail on the spine… Read More ›

Tahoe Pix- More sunset sessions

Days like this are the reason I bought a waterproof point and shoot camera to surf with.  One look at the clouds and I knew it would be an epic sunset.

TahoePix- Sunset Sessions

Another “Life Outside Tahoe” addition.  With the lackluster winter this year, we’ve been enjoying the coast.  This is a pic of a sunset session In February.  Snow has been lousy, surf has been relatively consistent.

TahoePix- Life outside Tahoe?

Evening SUP surf session in Northern California at our local break.  Epic sunsets and surfing till dark make up for tiny waves.  Fighting the crowds here is a problem, as you can see.

TahoePix- East Shore Sunset

Another right place, right time moment.  On another adventure that took longer than planned.

TahoePix- Sunset on Miller Lake

Luck- being at the right place at the right time.  Found this pic of Miller Lake at Sunset.  Not quite sure how I got the shot with my point and shoot camera.  I love the reflection of the branches from the submerged log in the water.  One of our many adventures that took, uh, longer… Read More ›

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