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Blog update 4-12-13-8

New Name- Same Content

Tahoesux.com has a new name that more accurately reflects our content!  We’ll continue to plug away at providing the same content about the outdoors-  biking, hiking, trail running, outdoor stewardship, surfing, paddleboarding, nature, backpacking, road trips, dogs and paws, outdoor adventures, and the simple joy of playing outside.

So why the name change?

Blog update 4-12-13-4

Some of my favorite hidden waterfalls after a large winter storm

Blogs evolve over time.  What started out as a blog about mountain life in Lake Tahoe quickly expanded outside the Tahoe basin.  The name change more accurately reflects the scope of our outdoor activities.

Writing a blog takes work, and there is an inherent conflict between writing a blog about outdoor adventure and actually spending time outdoors.  Having outdoor adventures always trumps talking about having outdoor adventures.  I find it easier to write a blog during winter when days are short and outdoor play time is curtailed by darkness and weather.

The same falls after a dry month

The same falls after a dry month

“Tahoesux.com” came about as an accident of sorts.  The reality is that decent URLs are hard to come by.  Almost every URL that has “outdoor,” “adventure,” or “nature” in it has been purchased.  Simply put, http://tahoesux.com came about because my first 50 attempts to find an interesting, available URL were unsuccessful.  Changing the name had been on the agenda for months, but finding a fitting name and available URL were difficult. I was a bit shocked to find that coasttomountain.com was available.  Here we are- happy to be rolling with a new name, and looking to a new year of adventure.

Blog update 4-12-13-1

Cascade Falls comes alive after big winter rains

New projects and adventures

One of the still images from my upcoming timelapse film

One of the still images from my upcoming timelapse film

I’m a few weeks away from releasing my first time lapse video project.  Over 10,000 still photos stitched together into short film  about one of my favorite mountains.  I’ve spent the last couple months stomping around to some of my favorite outdoor spots to set up the camera for time lapse footage.  Time lapse photography is quite a challenge for a non-photographer like me.  One of my goals for 2013 was to get better at photography and produce two time lapse videos about my favorite outdoor places.  Can’t think of a better way to get better way to get better at photography than hiking to some beautiful places.

A rare self portrait.  I've spent months building a new trail and milling fallen trees into lumber for bridges.

A rare self portrait. I’ve spent months building a new trail and milling fallen trees into lumber for bridges.

Outdoor stewardship is important.  We need to take care of our outdoor playgrounds just as we need to keep our homes tidy.  November 2012 brought a new volunteer opportunity: building a new generation mountain bike flow trail in my neighborhood.  Sixteen years ago I volunteered to help build Marin County’s first legal mountain bike specific trail system.    In November 2012, I was asked to be part of this great project.  After five months of construction, we are a few weeks away from opening the San Francisco Bay Area’s first “new generation” mountain bike flow trail and skills development area.  It’s been an honor to give more than 40 days of volunteer work to a great project.  Great trails don’t build themselves, and opportunities like these don’t come often.

Forty days of volunteer work in 2013, my timelapse project, and trying to get outdoors have made for infrequent updates to the blog.

We have a great year of adventures planned.  I have a backlog of at least a year’s worth of writing and thousands of photos to sort through.

Blog update 4-12-13-3

Thank You!

Thanks to all the readers who like the blog enough to subscribe.  We have nearly 1,100 subscribers, 34K+ views, and have been selected twice for Freshly Pressed.  Looking forward to new writing challenges and bring better content than ever.

See you on the trail!

Blog update 4-12-13-2

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  1. We have been to Lake Tahoe a few times. We go there to play golf. Sometimes we stay in Carson City. We love the Zephyr Cove Area.

    Your topics are right on spot and enjoy seeing the reports.

    Happy Trails!



  2. Nice work Sandor. Great new name and photos.


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