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Bike Review- Sette Razzo SC XX Long Term Review

This is my final “long-term” review of the Sette Razzo SC XX 29er mountain bike. You can also read the first two parts of the review- Part One- Initial Impressions and Part Two- the First 100 Miles. As of this writing (November 2012), I’ve had the bike for about 8 months.  So far I’ve logged… Read More ›

Sette Razzo XX Carbon 29er Review- Part Two- Riding

Click here for part 1 of the review The quick and dirty version (written as a personal ad is below).  Read more for the detailed version. Not your typical mail order bride! Sexy Sette lady seeks fit companion for fun times and dirty adventures.  I’m a svelte princess at 22.07 lbs ready to ride.  My… Read More ›

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