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Life in the Mountains- Crazy Beautiful Ugly Mountain Weather

September 14, 2013

Why do we climb mountains?  To see what’s on the other side?  To stand on top?  To achieve a personal goal?  To sweat, and do something physically difficult? Because it’s fun? Or simply because it’s there. Without sounding like a cliche, climbing peaks has a lot of metaphors for life.  There is prep, commitment, effort,… Read More ›

Life in the Mountains- The Balancing Act of Adrenaline and Beauty

Sometimes we don’t know whether to keep moving or to stop to look at the view. There are so many ways to enjoy the outdoors.  So many ways to combine exercise, fresh air, natural beauty, adrenaline, and the simple joy of being outdoors. A few weeks ago we were riding mountain bikes and making lots… Read More ›

Mountain Biking Lake Tahoe’s West Shore

Lake Tahoe’s West Shore is not often associated with epic Tahoe Mountain biking.  Among the marquee Tahoe mountain biking destinations (Mr. Toads, the Flume Trail, Northstar, Hole in the Ground, etc), the West Shore is often overlooked.  Make no mistake though, there is great mountain biking here as well. For our non-mountain biking blog readers-… Read More ›

OutdoorPix- Singletrack Sweetness: Andesite Ridge

Hole in the Ground trail is another classic Tahoe mountain bike ride.  One of the early highlights is climbing to 8200′ along Andesite Ridge before descending into a granite playground.  The top of the ridge is mostly rock and devoid of trees.  This gives huge panoramic views spilling out along both sides of the ridge. … Read More ›

TahoePix- Mountain Weather

Mountain weather is an awesome thing to behold.  The speed with which thunderstorms can roll in is humbling, only to dissipate just as quickly. In this pic, looking south from Eagle Rock on Lake Tahoe’s West Shore, dark clouds roll in while we basked in the sun.  Soon, we’d be seeing the flash of lightning,… Read More ›

OutdoorPix- Daisy Kayak Dog

Springer Spaniels love water.  They become super spunky when wet.  Daisy Water Dog loves going out with us.  When the kayak was in the back yard, Daisy would stand in the kayak and “Woooo Woooo” at us to take her to the water  (Woo Woo is the unique sound of the springer spaniel).

OutdoorPix- Girl and Dog on the Lake of the Sky

H and Daisy Water Dog, enjoying a glassy Lake Tahoe morning.  Stand up Paddleboarding (SUP) has become wildly popular on Lake Tahoe in the last few years.  Can’t imagine why. Lake Tahoe has many nicknames.  One of them is Big Blue.  Yes, the water really is that shockingly blue.  Tahoe  is one of the deepest… Read More ›

TahoePix- What a difference a year makes!

Remember 2011? We were still skiing at this time, the Tour of California bicycle race stage was cancelled because of a mid-May storm, and people in Tahoe were generally grumpy about yet another snow storm.  The photo below was taken on our street, May 14, 2011. Snowpack last year in the Tahoe Basin was up… Read More ›

TahoePix- Flume Trail

Okay, so there are a zillion Flume Trail pics out there.  I never know whether to ride or look at the views.

Tahoe Visual Snow Report- Feb 22, 1012

What a difference a year makes.  From last year’s near record snowfall to this years near record NO snowfall.  Here’s my unbiased, unscientific visual snow report with pics. We haven’t been spending much time in Tahoe this winter.  The weather has been beautiful on the coast, and surf has been consistent.  This week we spent… Read More ›

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