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OutdoorPix- Crested Butte, CO

The landscapes of Western Colorado are so vast that pictures don’t even come close.  Find yourself on a ridge or peak on a clear day and peaks cascade into the distance.  360-degree views are abundant- just find yourself a peak or ridge.

OutdoorPix- Singletrack Sweetness

Every mountain biker has been here at one point- pushing through slippery, steep, thick mud.  The kind of mud that stops your tires from rolling and makes your bike weigh 60 pounds.  The kind of mud that makes you stop every 100 yards to find a stick to get some of the mud out. We… Read More ›

TahoePix- Singletrack Sweetness

Life outside Tahoe. Singletrack near Crested Butte Colorado. Waist deep wildflowers, views like this, and oh yeah, an epic descent.  I’m getting an endorphin high just reliving the ride.

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