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OutdoorPix- Daisy Kayak Dog

Springer Spaniels love water.  They become super spunky when wet.  Daisy Water Dog loves going out with us.  When the kayak was in the back yard, Daisy would stand in the kayak and “Woooo Woooo” at us to take her to the water  (Woo Woo is the unique sound of the springer spaniel).

OutdoorPix- Girl and Dog on the Lake of the Sky

H and Daisy Water Dog, enjoying a glassy Lake Tahoe morning.  Stand up Paddleboarding (SUP) has become wildly popular on Lake Tahoe in the last few years.  Can’t imagine why. Lake Tahoe has many nicknames.  One of them is Big Blue.  Yes, the water really is that shockingly blue.  Tahoe  is one of the deepest… Read More ›

TahoePix- Super Dirt Bomb

Daisy Dirt Dog. Bullards Bar Reservoir

TahoePix- Bike Dog

Daisy Bike Dog and H- singletracking in Xmas Valley.

TahoePix- Water Dog

TahoePix- The simple joy of fresh tracks

Daisy Snow Dog- prancing with the simple joy of fresh tracks.

TahoePix- Snoutferns?

Okay, we aren’t really going with the seasonal theme here.  Fall ferns.  Snout by Daisy.  Taken in fall on the Tahoe Rim Trail near Echo Summit.  I was trying to capture the ferns turning with the approaching change of seasons.  Daisy just happened to stick her snout in.

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