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Espar Heater Installation- DIY Guide

February 12, 2017

Disclaimer-  I am not a professional.  I am a moderately skilled DIYer.  Technical wiring diagrams are not my strong suit. My Espar works great. I’m satisfied that it’s a clean, professional installation.  My DIY post may contain errors.  Use at your own risk.  CO (carbon monoxide) leaks can be deadly- especially in small spaces.  No cutting… Read More ›

DIY Sprinter Campervan- The mid-build report

I am just finishing up the latest round of DIY campervan build projects.  Just a few more tweaks and trim pieces then it’s time to have fun in the van for a few months while building the final cabinetry in my garage. RadVan started as a partially converted windowless stock cargo van. I bought it… Read More ›

ARB Fridge/Freezer- Long(ish) term review

We’ve had the ARB Fridge Freezer for almost two years now, and it has performed very well for us. We bought the ARB for our first DIY campervan (a Ford E-350 conversion) and planned on taking it with us to the Sprinter DIY conversion. Traditional camper fridges are a fine option as well, and this… Read More ›

DIY Campervan Project- Interior Bike storage Using L-Track

This is our way of storing bikes in our Sprinter Campervan.  We wanted to be able to securely store four bikes in our van with easy loading and unloading. The design of our Sprinter has a platform bed and large garage for storage of bikes, surfboards, camp gear, and “stuff.” I’ve seen many cool ways of… Read More ›

Aftermarket Seat Covers for your Sprinter Van

There aren’t many stock seat covers available for Sprinters.  Just not enough of a market I suppose. After wading through the options, we chose CalTrend SportsTex seat covers.  CalTrend is a California company that makes made-to-order seat covers through their dealer network.  We ordered the seat covers through CarID.com and delivery took about 12 days… Read More ›

Using L-track for a myriad of storage options.

Many of my blog posts about building out RadVan as our DIY Adventure Mobile could easily be retitled- “Stuff I had to figure out on my own that I wish someone had written about and saved me hours of research, experimenting, and frustration.”  This post is along the same lines.  Hope it helps.   L-Track… Read More ›

DIY Sprinter Camper- Maximizing storage and function part 1: Rear Doors

One of the things we quickly learned  from VanLife road trips was the importance of making every available space functional.  Here are a few pics of how I maximized storage and function for the back doors. The rear doors are well suited for storing lightweight items (soft storage).  They are also wide and tall.  No… Read More ›

Adding Soft Modular Overhead Storage Cabinets to your Sprinter

As I’ve been working on my van build (bike/surf/camp/run/ski adventuremobile), I’ve been (slowly) working toward building upper cabinets and making use of all the potential storage space in the upper corners of the walls. Enter Adventure Wagon and an innovative solution to overhead storage!  While at a bike race in Northern California (Grinduro for you fellow… Read More ›

Leaking into Sprinter cabin space- a cautionary tale of terrible design.

A caution to DIY Sprinter campervan owners (and anyone with covered lower walls).  Check for leaks! While running some wiring I removed a wall panel and discovered that the area inside my rocker panel was damp and mildewy.  On further investigation, I discovered that all the lower wall panels had moisture settling inside.  Even though the… Read More ›

Campervan Bike Work Stand

This is for the VanLife bike nuts. This is how I installed a bicycle work stand in my Sprinter campervan. Definitely a luxury item for the outdoor crowd.  Some people want to watch TV in their Sprinters, I want to adjust my drivetrain.  Something for everyone! I started by ordering a Park Professional wall mount… Read More ›

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