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TahoePix- Daisy Snow dog (cute warning)

Daisy Snow Dog, enjoying some attention while backcountry skiing in Tahoe.  Doing her best to look extra cute.

Happy Birthday DaisyDela!

Today Daisy is nine years old.  She is our constant and faithful companion, always wanting to be with us on outdoor adventures.  It’s amazing how a little dog, with her infectious joy at the simple pleasure of playing and exploring help keep us young.  Happy Birthday Daisy!  Let’s go play.

TahoePix- Daisy DirtBomb (caution naked pics)

In honor of Daisy Dirt Dog.  It’s her birthday this week. Daisy hates her booties, even though they keep her paws from getting raw from long days in sharp granite. Super DirtBomb. I know I dug a giant hole in the lawn!  You guys just don’t understand, I was protecting the lawn from marauding voles!

TahoePix- Bike Dog

Daisy Bike Dog and H- singletracking in Xmas Valley.

TahoePix- Girl. On Lake.

Epic clarity.  Isn’t that what makes Tahoe famous?  Daisy Water Dog and H SUPing on Tahoe’s West Shore.  (That’s a Starboard K15 SUP).

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