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Water- Rubicon Bay SUP

Birthdays in Tahoe Suck

For my birthday, I think I’d like a long SUP paddle, a white sand beach all to myself, and a nice trail run.

For those that haven’t spent time on the lake on an SUP or kayak- make time.  You’ll never experience Lake Tahoe as vividly as you can while under your own power, gliding silently along with no noise but the lapping of water.  Late September is a great time to be on the lake.  I’m thrilled when the motorboats leave, taking their noise, exhaust, blaring music, sedentary passengers, drunk boaters, wakes, and trash with them.  It’s just a different mindset, I guess.

You never get tired of clear water.

We put in near Meeks Bay and paddled South toward Emerald Bay.  About 8 miles out and back.  Easy cruising pace along Rubicon Bay and D.L. Bliss Park.

Here is a GPS link to our route for those interested: Rubicon Bay SUP GPS Map

Afternoon clouds- Mountain Weather

I got a beach all to myself for my birthday. Hot Sand, cool water, and Daisy-water dog who just wants to play.

Paddling along the cliffs of Bliss (State Park)

Turning 41 years old was sort of anticlimactic.  You know you’ve arrived when you want to do the same things you do almost every day for your birthday.  I’m very lucky… and grateful.

Glassy waters all to ourselves

There's a girl in there somewhere

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