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TahoePix- Singletrack Sweetness

Life outside Tahoe. Singletrack near Crested Butte Colorado. Waist deep wildflowers, views like this, and oh yeah, an epic descent.  I’m getting an endorphin high just reliving the ride.

Uplifting Fog

Days like this are one of the reasons I started writing a blog.  Sometimes you are out on an everyday ride, run, or other adventure and come across something awesome. It was chilly, cold and foggy when I left the house on my mountain bike.  My new Pentax Optio W90 waterproof digital camera had just… Read More ›

TahoePix- Singletrack Porn

TahoePix- Singletrack Porn

Don’t you love it when an accidental pic turns out awesome!  Somewhere in Northern California.

TahoePix- Singletrack Porn

Dirt- Donner Lake Rim Trail + Hole in the Ground

Hole in the Ground is a classic Tahoe area mountain bike ride.  The traditional Hole in the Ground ride requires either shuttling (bad- earn your miles), or riding several miles of pavement on a 17 mile ride.  Here’s how to do the the ride with extra awesome scenic singletrack and your tires never touching pavement. … Read More ›

TahoePix- Bike Dog

Daisy Bike Dog and H- singletracking in Xmas Valley.

Sette Razzo XX Carbon 29er Review- Part Two- Riding

Click here for part 1 of the review The quick and dirty version (written as a personal ad is below).  Read more for the detailed version. Not your typical mail order bride! Sexy Sette lady seeks fit companion for fun times and dirty adventures.  I’m a svelte princess at 22.07 lbs ready to ride.  My… Read More ›

Sette Razzo XX Carbon 29er Review- Part one (initial impressions)

Update (November 2012)- The third and final review of the Razzo SC XX has been posted- Bike Review- Sette Razzo SC XX Long Term Review.   This is a bit different than my usual TahoeSux blog post (singletrack porn, mountain porn, SUP porn, etc).  Bike reviews?! Anyway, here is my preliminary review on the Sette… Read More ›

TahoePix- Dirt Diva

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