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TahoePix- A boy and his Snow Dog

Who is this guy Jake anyway?  Boy and cute dog on the shoulder of Jakes, Feb, 2012.

TahoePix- Daisy Snow dog (cute warning)

Daisy Snow Dog, enjoying some attention while backcountry skiing in Tahoe.  Doing her best to look extra cute.

Tahoe Visual Snow Report- Feb 22, 1012

What a difference a year makes.  From last year’s near record snowfall to this years near record NO snowfall.  Here’s my unbiased, unscientific visual snow report with pics. We haven’t been spending much time in Tahoe this winter.  The weather has been beautiful on the coast, and surf has been consistent.  This week we spent… Read More ›

TahoePix- Aloha

One of my favorite lakes:  Aloha Lake in Desolation Wilderness.  To me, visually stunning in a way that no photo can capture.  Hundreds of granite islands and peninsulas and clear, cold water make for epic exploration.

TahoePix- Ellis Ridge

Check out the last TahoePix photo (posted January 30).  Now step back two months.  This pic was taken a couple hundred meters away just two months earlier.

TahoePix- Tents and tired paws

A twofer this week.  There’s something about tent pics that represents a bit of home in the outdoors. Home is where you pitch it. Daisy Trail dog- sacked out on the “trail couch” in the camp living room/kitchen.

TahoePix- Sunset on Miller Lake

Luck- being at the right place at the right time.  Found this pic of Miller Lake at Sunset.  Not quite sure how I got the shot with my point and shoot camera.  I love the reflection of the branches from the submerged log in the water.  One of our many adventures that took, uh, longer… Read More ›

Stewardship- Signs are…. good

Every outdoor adventurer know this experience all too well-  exploring new territory and coming across an intersection that wasn’t on the map.  Or this one- realizing you’ve made a wrong turn miles ago. One of the great things about Tahoe is that each part of the lake has a network of neighborhood “social” trails used… Read More ›

OcSNOWber Surprise!

Daisy Snow Dog and I made our second attempt on Ellis Ridge trail.    This time armed with snowshoes and Daisy’s snow coat (that helps keep snowballs from packing up in her fur).  We lucked out and showed up just as the weather was clearing. Fresh tracks once again.  Despite a bunch of 4WD trucks driving… Read More ›

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