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Getting the Blog back together


Independence Pass, CO

Okay so we are back after a long hiatus with a new name, new adventures, new energy, and a new blogging addition- VanLife.

The RadVan adventures blog will continue to be about outdoor adventures- mountain biking, road biking, trail running, hiking, backpacking, surfing, SUP, and general outdoor porn.

We are also in mid-conversion of a Sprinter van (named RadVan), to be an off grid adventure mobile.

A name change (and a hard lesson learned about domain names)

This blog used to be Coasttomountain.com.  It’s now RadVan Adventures, and all the content from coasttomountain.com has been transferred over.

I learned an unintentional lesson about the (sleazy) domain name registration business.  With Coast to Mountain, I had set up automatic renewal of the coast to mountain domain name.  When my credit card expiration date changed, the renewal didn’t go through.   A domain name company swooped in immediately and purchased the coasttomountain domain name and tried to sell it back to me.

Given that I’ve never earned a penny from the blog, buying my own blog back for nearly $1000 seemed ludicrous.  I’ve never earned a penny from the blog, and pay the extra fees to have all advertising removed from the blog.

The coast to mountain blog slowly gained readership and views and was getting a modest 10K views a month.

Lesson learned.  Stay on top of your domain name registration rights!

So what’s next?

I am working on updating content for the blog.  We will still be focused on outdoor play and VanLife.  I will have an entire section of the blog devoted to conversion of our Sprinter Van.  I’ve learned so much from those before me about making a DIY conversion, and want to contribute my own insights, triumphs, and mistakes for others wanting to do their own DIY van conversion.

Stay tuned!

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