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A Change of Seasons- The Sleeping Lady

We’ve had a few days of rain here in Northern California.  As we headed out the door for a trail run, I grabbed my camera as an afterthought.  It had rained all night, and heavy rain turned to showers in the morning.  We climbed to the ridge in low clouds and a steady drizzle.  As we reached the ridge, the rain stopped and the clouds lifted for a few minutes.  Sometimes it’s all about timing.  A few minutes later and a wall of low clouds blew in.


Daisy Trail Dog loves cool, wet weather.  We make time to play springer spaniel games on the ridge.  We play chase on the ridge, while Daisy runs circles around us with a huge smile on her face before plopping down and rolling in the wet grass.

The Sleeping Lady- Mount Tamalpais

We were lucky to be out when blue sky broke through.

Smiles and muddy paws

Girl meets Trail meets Sky

Rrrrawrrr! Playing tiger in the wet grass

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  1. A wet dog is a happy dog:) Loving your photos – thanks for sharing:)


    • Thanks- Daisy keeps us young. And we keep her young (even at 9 years old) by playing with her every day. We have a “trail dog checklist” of sorts when we go out- rolling in the grass, chasing each other around, digging a hole, and getting dirty.


  2. I love the panorama-esque photos 🙂


  3. Love your dog!



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