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«Glass Beach- Enjoy it While You Can

Glass Beach 12


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  1. Taking pictures of people and posting them on the internet calling them looters is uncalled for. Do you live in a house made of wood? Drive a car that runs on gasoline? or pick wild berries? Would this too be looting of natural resources? I agree that taking buckets of glass from the beach is unneccesary, however, these people are simple uneducated. Perhaps they do not know that this is not a naturally occuring event.


    • Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately, there are numerous signs posted stating that taking glass from the beach is illegal (since it’s are a protected public resource). There are other signs that ask people to look and not take glass from the beach, to protect it for future generations. There are numerous signs from the parking area to the beach, yet we saw folks with 5-gallon buckets. In fact, it’s virtually impossible NOT to see the signs.

      Also, this is a draw for local tourism. If all the glass is stolen, local tourist businesses will be impacted- that means local jobs. I grew up nearby in Mendocino. My grandfather built fishing boats, and my father was a commercial fisherman. With the decline of logging and fishing industries, the North Coast has struggled economically. Without local tourism, this would be a depressed economy.


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