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OutdoorPix- The Bridges of Downieville

The Bridges of Downieville

Downieville is a classic California mountain bike destination.  Located at the confluence of the Downie and Yuba rivers, this former mining boomtown reinvented itself as an outdoor destination for mountain biking.

Most people do the ride as a downhill shuttle.  We did the ride as an out-and-back and were blown away by the beautiful bridges and scenery.  Miles of cascading waterfalls roar along the trail.  We found ourselves stopping over and over to check out the falls and views.  As a downhill only, the falls and views merge into a blur of speed.  Doing the ride as an out and back allowed us to revel in the beauty at the slower speeds of climbing on the mountain bike.  Ten miles of mostly climbing, followed by a 10-mile descent.  Awesome!

H- Climbing the Third Divide Trail

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  1. Loving your photos and love Downieville – thanks for sharing:)


  2. Beautiful! Just looking at the pictures gives me height whammies. I envy you and H your outdoors adventures.


  3. Absolutely adore the pics as I love the outdorrs its so thoughtful of you to share.

    Thanx a mil:-)


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