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Bumping into Butterflies – Sun Valley/Ketchum, ID

Warm Springs Trail

I have the wonderful opportunity to stay and play in the Ketchum/Sun Valley area of Idaho. Unfortunately S and Daisy Trail Dog did not get to come with me this time, but I am planning our next excursion here with the whole family as we speak! Yes, it is soooo awesome I am coming back, for sure!

Ketchum is a fun little mountain town at the base of a few ski areas. I hear that the skiing is epic, but that is not what I am here for. It happens to be the “Ride Sun Valley Bike Festival”and I thought it would be a great chance to see what Sun Valley has to offer. Singletrack, singletrack, singletrack! Need I say more?

They even have a great doggy fountain in the town square! Here Billy from Boise gets refreshed.

Ketchum is awesome! Not only is the mountain biking phenomenal, but it is pedestrian friendly, bike friendly, dog friendly, and to top it all off, the people are super friendly! For example, at every major intersection/crosswalk they have a stand that holds orange flags that are available for you to hold as you safely cross the street, as all cars are super courteous, stopping, waiting for you to cross, every time! Cars are also very patient and courteous with bike riders on the road, but you often do not need to be on the road as the have bike paths to navigate around town, even all of the way to Hailey!

Since we are camping a few miles out of town in a lovely little spot by the river, I have to keep this post short, as we have no electricity or power out there (it is camping you know!). I am seated in the lovely town square utilizing the “Visit Sun Valley” public wi-fi. How nice is that? Ohhhh! I should also mention that the Sun Valley Visitor’s Center located right here is chock full of information and a helpful staff. It is also very handy to get your electronic fix, and phones and gadgets charged (multiple outlets all over). Since the visitor’s center is such a great resource – did I mention the FREE trail maps?!?!?!?!? – I do not need to spend time blogging the directions for where to ride or where to stay.

The bike path seems to end at our campground in the oasis of trees ahead…
(it does end, but fortunately the road is less traveled)

Once you get out on the trails you will see why I say you will be bouncing into butterflies in Sun Valley. They are everywhere! Blue ones, orange ones, grey ones too! They flutter about, chasing each other, with not a care in the world, bouncing off you as you traverse down the trail. Beautiful!

I met Elvis the field springer spaniel on the trail to Mt. Baldy.
Of course he was chasing butterflies!

Looking back down the Cold Springs Trail while going up.
It’s not that cold by the way…

Check out the cloud shadows! I couldn’t help but stop on the awesome descent on the Warm Springs Trail to check out the view…

Wildflowers on the Warm Springs Trail.
A pretty hot fire ripped through here a few years ago, but it’s coming back. The burnt trees are a nice backdrop for the yellow flowers.

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  1. That’s some nice looking bike trails. Would love to spend some time riding those.


  2. Gorgeous photos. And who doesn’t love a doggie fountain?


  3. Oooh, beautiful hiking destination…another to add to my bucket list!


  4. Elvis from the photo above that you met last July on Bald Mt. died suddenly Friday night after a seizure. He was three years old. Like your Daisy, Elvis was our contstant companion running and skiing in the backcountry of Idaho. He was an athlete with boundless enthusiasm for life. This winter my wife had compared Elvis to Pooh when Pooh asks “What day is it?” And Piglet replies “It’s today.” “Oh good,” said Pooh, “my favorite day.” That was our Elvis every day. Our hearts are broken, but your tales of Daisy have helped us resolve to immediately find a new springer spaniel athlete and rebuild our family. Thank you!


    • We are so sorry to hear about Elvis. It is very hard to lose your best friend, family member, and companion. Like Elvis, Daisy, S and I are Winnie the Pooh fans as well and follow his mantra daily. Daisy and S get to visit Sun Valley for the first time in July, so we will be sure to think of Elvis as we all bump into butterflies on Baldy. RIP Elvis.


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