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KauaiSux! Reports from the garden island- Part 1

We spent an epic week on Kauai’s North shore, surfing, running, hiking, and trying to avoid the standard tourist stuff.  When I booked the trip last October, we figured we would be tired of skiing by mid-March and ready for surfing in warm weather.  2012 turned out to be a lousy winter for snow, but with great spring-like weather and consistent surfing on the coast.  Nevertheless, Kauai was epic, and met all expectations.

Hanalei Bay

The week prior to our arrival, Kauai experienced near record rainfall (up to 36″ in three days, with serious flooding).  We were fortunate to have missed all the wet weather, except for the daily showers.  It’s hard to describe how lush and verdant Kauai is.

We went primarily to SUP surf each day but also to hike and trail run.  We paddled out for out first surf under a huge rainbow spanning the length of Hanalei Bay.

Our first paddle out under a rainbow.

We will be doing several posts on our trip to Kauai on SUP surfing, hiking the Napali Coast, hiking Waimea Canyon (“Grand Canyon of the Pacific”), hiking the Okelahoa trail, and our recommendations for active travelers.

Some useless stats from our trip-

  • 1 week
  • 10 surf sessions
  • Approximately 50 miles on foot hiking and runnning
  • <1 hour with the TV on
  • Off roading with the rental car!
  • 5 pounds of Ahi Poke!

More to follow…

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