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Why we hate Tahoe

So why “Tahoe Sux?”  Isn’t that a bit negative for a blog?

Here’s a snapshot of a conversation we’ve been having for 6 years now.

“Well this sucks, I’m missing General Hospital!”

Me- “How’s the weather?”
H- “Oh it sucks today.  Glassy lake, blue skies, 70s”
Me- “Wow that does suck?”


H- “What did you do today?”
Me- “I rode into Tahoe City and did 25 miles of singletrack.  Trail conditions were epic.  Saw 2 people on the trail in 25 miles.”
H- “Wow that sucks!”
Me- “Yup, Tahoe pretty much sucks today.”

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Sigh.  More peaks, trails, vistas, alpine lakes, water.  Boring.  Let’s watch TV all day instead.

Seriously though, Tahoe (like many mountain recreation areas) is a mecca for outdoor sports enthusiasts.  The true Tahoe is not found in casinos, bars, shopping, or buffets.  The true Tahoe is found on the trails and in the backcountry.  We’ve had such incredible adventures, that we want to share them, share some of our favorite routes and adventures, and perhaps inspire people to get out there.

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  1. Hi there…
    Ok, I am inspired, impressed, and motivated by your blog! Very cool, and you have obviously figured out how to live a life you love. Your photos are a testament to that, for certain. I am really curious to know where they are from, though recognizing a few, and frankly would like to meet you as you must be like minded from what I can see. My g f & I have a place in Serene Lakes that I have been fixing up, and exploring the area as we go along. Mostly me and my dog, as she, (my g f not my dog), is constantly trying to improve the “nest”. I have a hard time getting her “out there” even though she’s been a very active, adventurous, and mega climber in her day… But at least I am enjoying it! I’m an avid MTBer, skier, climber, paddler, adventuruer, and would love to hear more about your trails, etc. and maybe even go for a ride some time if you were so inclined…?
    Anyway, great blog, and great photos! (Big Grin!)


    • Thanks for the kind words!

      We’ve mulled over a blog for some time. Combining our interests (bike, hike, run, ski, SUP, surf, etc.) with an advocacy and trail stewardship message. (I also discovered that I had perhaps 2000 photos from our Tahoe adventures, even though I rarely bring a camera and am usually to busy “in the moment” to take pics).

      One of the reasons for the blog is that we were having incredible adventures and rarely seeing anyone on the trail. Any outdoor enthusiast knows that the crowds go away as you get away from the parking lot. Also, the people we were running across out in the backcountry were all happy, healthy fit, interesting people. That’s who our “target” audience is, if there is such a thing.

      And yeah, meeting like minded people is part of the plan! We’d love to ride in your neck of the woods, too. I’ll be in touch- perhaps we can do a “ride exchange” in our respective neighborhoods.

      Incidentally, working on our little cabin eats a lot of time too. Rewarding, but hard work.


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