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TahoePix- Daisy DirtBomb (caution naked pics)

In honor of Daisy Dirt Dog.  It’s her birthday this week. Daisy hates her booties, even though they keep her paws from getting raw from long days in sharp granite. Super DirtBomb. I know I dug a giant hole in the lawn!  You guys just don’t understand, I was protecting the lawn from marauding voles!

TahoePix- Snow Dog

Daisy Snow Dog- ripping it near Barker Pass.  She gets more face shots than any two-legger.

TahoePix- Water Dog

TahoePix- Tents and tired paws

A twofer this week.  There’s something about tent pics that represents a bit of home in the outdoors. Home is where you pitch it. Daisy Trail dog- sacked out on the “trail couch” in the camp living room/kitchen.

TahoePix- The simple joy of fresh tracks

Daisy Snow Dog- prancing with the simple joy of fresh tracks.

TahoePix- Snoutferns?

Okay, we aren’t really going with the seasonal theme here.  Fall ferns.  Snout by Daisy.  Taken in fall on the Tahoe Rim Trail near Echo Summit.  I was trying to capture the ferns turning with the approaching change of seasons.  Daisy just happened to stick her snout in.

TahoePix- Sailing Dog

Daisy in her float coat sailing off the West Shore on her International 420 (Named the DaisyDela of course). TahoePix will appear periodically as we share some of the thousands of photos we’ve taken on our Tahoe adventures.

OcSNOWber Surprise!

Daisy Snow Dog and I made our second attempt on Ellis Ridge trail.    This time armed with snowshoes and Daisy’s snow coat (that helps keep snowballs from packing up in her fur).  We lucked out and showed up just as the weather was clearing. Fresh tracks once again.  Despite a bunch of 4WD trucks driving… Read More ›

SNOW- First snow of the Fall

I remember the last snow sometime in June, 2011.  It’s now October 5, and the snow is back. I’m happy to be here to experience it, and the dramatic weather that Tahoe serves up.  Still, I’d like a few more weeks of mountain biking, paddling, and trail time.  Daisy the Snow Dog and I make… Read More ›

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