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TahoePix- Girl. On Lake.

Epic clarity.  Isn’t that what makes Tahoe famous?  Daisy Water Dog and H SUPing on Tahoe’s West Shore.  (That’s a Starboard K15 SUP).

TahoePix- Water Dog

TahoePix- East Shore Sunset

Another right place, right time moment.  On another adventure that took longer than planned.

TahoePix- Beach day or snow day?

Happy Holidays everyone.  There’s something about sand and snow together that I love.  (Pic taken from Sugar Pine State Park).

TahoePix- Moonrise and vintage motorcycles

Moonrise from the West Shore with our vintage Honda Trail 90s (’69, and ’75).  The simple joy of exploring with a 90CC motor and a dual range transmission.  Nothing like crawling around at 3mph in first gear.

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