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Life in the Mountains- The Balancing Act of Adrenaline and Beauty

Sometimes we don’t know whether to keep moving or to stop to look at the view.

Tahoe June 2013 TRT-2

There are so many ways to enjoy the outdoors.  So many ways to combine exercise, fresh air, natural beauty, adrenaline, and the simple joy of being outdoors.

Tahoe June 2013 xmas valley-2

A few weeks ago we were riding mountain bikes and making lots of noise.

I had been whooping for miles as the trail unfolded in a show of alpine spring flowers.  My face was starting to get sore from the huge grin on my face for the past two hours.

It seemed as if every turn yielded an epic new view.  “WOW!”  “Holy Cow, look at those flowers!”  “Whoooooop!”   “AahhWooooo!”  “Oh my gosh, Did you see that?”  H was right behind me, hooting and hollering as well.

Tahoe June 2013-13

I rounded the corner on my mountain bike and realized that we were not alone on the trail.  I stopped for two cute backpacker girls.

Tahoe June 2013-17

Tahoe June 2013-5“Sorry for making so much noise,” I said.  “I’m just too excited at how beautiful it is right now.  Have you seen the wildflowers?  Holy Cow!!!!”  They smiled and laughed.  They knew.  They were having the same experience on foot that we were having on bike.  We exchanged our trail greetings and continued on our ride.

I can’t imagine only being “a hiker,” or “a mountain biker.”  I want to be a hiker, trail runner, backpacker, mountain biker, xc skier, downhill skier, surfer, SUPer, etc.  There are so many ways to explore the outdoors.  In the end, it’s not your mode of transportation that matters, it is the experience that counts.

Tahoe June 2013 TRT-5

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  1. What a gorgeous scenery! Thanks for sharing.
    Best regards from southern Texas,


  2. Loved this! The pictures are awesome!!!


  3. Great pictures! Such gorgeous nature!


  4. Reblogged this on 16 and commented:
    this is awesome!


  5. I am always asking the same question. “should I stop and take in the beauty” or keep trekking along. I am glad you decided to do the same thing as I would. Stop and enjoy the scenery! Thanks for posting the phtotos! They are great.


  6. Superbe. Je vis la même chose dans les alpes françaises. 🙂


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