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OutdoorPix- Daisy Kayak Dog

Springer Spaniels love water.  They become super spunky when wet.  Daisy Water Dog loves going out with us.  When the kayak was in the back yard, Daisy would stand in the kayak and “Woooo Woooo” at us to take her to the water  (Woo Woo is the unique sound of the springer spaniel).

Why are we on shore? Let’s go!

Woooooh! Let’s go paddle!

What’s down here?

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  1. Pretty bossy dog, huh? No wonder you love her. No wonder she loves you.


  2. I’ve yet to take my trail dog, Paco, on a kayak trip yet. I’m thinking he would probably love it. He liked riding around with me on my riding lawn mower until he figured out we were just going around in circles so he jumped off and went back inside the house. 🙂


  3. She is so natural in photos – love it! Have a Great Weekend:)



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